How to register online with Klikego ?


The Organizing Committee of Tahiti Moorea Marathon chose to work with the online specialist Klikego to manage your registrations. We tell you more about it ...


What is Klikego ?

Klikego is a web portal dedicated to sports and leisure created in 2003.

The organizers have a real tool for the promotion of their events and also benefit from numerous services such as the management of online registrations.

Klikego is also an unprecedented technological platform used by many organizers. Klikego allows organizers to differentiate themselves by offering athletes innovative services such as SMS results in real time, photos and videos in the results lists, an IPhone application for their race and an IPad application for speakers.

A high-performance site and a recognized quality of service

Klikego allows you to manage online registrations for small and large events.

The Marathon of Rennes or Albi, the Cross West France or the one of the Courrier de l'Ouest are perfect examples. But Klikego is also recognized by the highest authorities. In 2013, Klikego managed the ticketing of the French Swimming Championships in Rennes. Also in Rennes, the International Tennis Open of Rennes and the Union Rennes Basket, trust Klikego to manage their ticketing.

With 150,000 registrations a year and nearly 250 organizers in the field of Triathlon and Race, Klikego is a leader with its innovative platform.